Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I raise my glass of hot cholate to you. As we all face the start of a new year, let’s all enjoy the blissful optimism that this year we will meet all our New Year’s Resolutions.

My resolution is to work on the blog. Let me tell you a little of what you can expect in the coming year…

1. Travel Tips and Tales

I’ve managed to travel quite a bit these last four-five years. Australia, Canada (read more about that trip here), Mexico…Almost all of my flights were FREE. I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for flying on a budget. And, of course, I’ll share all my fun anecdotes, mistakes, and souvenirs!

Not to mention my two planned trips this coming year to Brazil and South Korea! I’ll be sharing my prep process, from learning the language to finding the cheapest flights.

2. Some Fun Creative Writing

Ever wondered what fictional characters like Percy Jackson or Cinder would think of our tourist destinations? I’ll be sharing my interpretation of these and other characters’ opinions on my travel destinations.

And when I feel so inspired, you might find some poetry from me as well…

3. Birds of My Travels

Birds are handled with proper permitting and training.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Bird Lover’s Musings if I didn’t mention birds, right? Stay tuned for bird fun facts, birding stories, and for my ornithologist/ecologist experiences! (Click for birds!)

4. I’ll be Posting Quite a Lot

I’m trying to grow, and that apparently means posting 2-3 times a week…

If you don’t want to be notified every post, then you can choose to receive a weekly digest! The link is at the bottoms of the emails.

And if you’re not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for??

(No, seriously, please tell me so I can improve the blog)

I’m really excited for the blog’s new direction! I’m always open for suggestions, so please feel free to drop a comment. And don’t forget to follow!

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  1. Awesome stuff! Am always inspired in turn by another blogger’s enthusiasm. Looks like you have your plans all set. And posting 2–3 times a week ain’t easy, so I’m wishing you all the best with the grind. Keep on keeping on!


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