Korean, Novels, Chess…My Diverse 2023 Goals

Last post was an update on what I wanted to achieve with the blog, but let me tell you a little about what I want to achieve this year.

Learn Korean and Portuguese

Kindergarten through first grade I went to a trilingual school. Spanish, English, and French all acquired effortlessly. They’ve served me well in my travels across the globe (Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Italy…). But this year I have a trip to Brazil and a trip to South Korea planned.

Though I could probably get by with the languages I already speak, I find a lot of value in learning new languages. And so, I have set out to learn two languages in less than a year! Keep an eye out for my upcoming post on the five language-learning apps and resources I’m using!

Finish a Novel

I don’t even want to count the number of unfinished novels hanging out in my OneDrive. My sister has refused to read any more novel drafts from me, because she’s left eternally waiting for the end. In fact, the last time I finished a manuscript was my Freshman year of high school when I published Isabelle of Cerebellum…

But this time I have a draft of a story that’s really important to me. A reflection on the difference between love and attachment. It tends to be uncomfortably autobiographical. Here’s a little excerpt:

I laughed. As though I was unaware that Alexa was wringing her hands so tightly her fingers had gone white. As though I didn’t know my words were emotional blackmail. “I’ve been alone for so long, so I’m just so grateful to have a friend. A best friend.”

Study Chess

Some dads dream of raising their own little baseball team. My dad dreamed of raising chess prodigies. I have been playing chess since I was four years old. For a while, I was truly a chess player. I was one of the two people that carried our high school chess team to victory in tournaments. I garnered great satisfaction from beating almost everyone.

But last year, I lost. I had a winning position, but one wrong move and suddenly I had lost all my pieces. To make matters worse, last week I lost against my brother…

He’s gotten into a chess kick and has been studying intensely. I am left with no choice, but to study intensely as well.

Grow the Blog!!!

And of course, the blog! I don’t know if people even read blogs anymore, but if you’re one of them, then please subscribe! Travel anecdotes, travel tips, fictional characters as tourists…if you love adventure, then this is the place for you!

So, apparently Bloganuary is happening! Daily prompts for blogs. Today’s prompt: What is something you want to achieve this year? Subscribe for more!

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