Per Fictional Characters: The CN Tower

Sure, it’s a feat of architecture or whatever, but me and towers don’t have a good track record. I tried telling Annabeth this, but she thought it was worth the risk. And that’s how I ended up trading my last sand dollar for a window cleaner’s harness…ok, well technically the guy didn’t agree to the trade, but he has no idea how valuable a sand dollar can be!

Percy Jackson

Stupid! They kill their mother and for what? To be up high? Do they not have trees? Ach, sky people!

Neytiri, Avatar

I could have had the elevator running at twice the speed in no time. As for the view…let’s just say I’ve had enough of looking down on earth from my time on Luna.

Cinder, Lunar Chronicles

At 1815 feet, the tower definitely beat my personal visits of tall buildings. Nothing in the Americas rivals its height. But the CN Tower can only enjoy it’s first place spot on my list for so long…

Read on for my full thoughts


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