Meeting My Favorite Author: Morgan Matson

I’m sitting at the Phoenix airport for the second time in less than 48 hours. It’s the tailend of my not quite impulsive, but definitely sudden trip to California. Tucked away in a corner of the airport, surrounded by people on business calls, I’m smiling, the remembrance of my trip to LA already sweet.

I love airports, especially when I score free flights!

I love airports. They always carry the anticipation of exciting things or the remembrance of sweet things. Once I even had a Hallmark-worthy-almost-romance at the airport. Plus, I often manage to score free flights and this trip was no exception (read my tips on travelling for free here).

The reason for this trip to LA was the book launch of Firefly Summer by my favorite author Morgan Matson.

Already, I’ve read the entirety of the book. Filled with references to s’mores and cousin fun, the book feels like a warm hug. And I was particularly impressed, because one of Grams’ lines about apologies actually comes full circle at the end…The book is extra fun because, much like Pixar, Morgan drops Easter eggs through her books and on the very first page there is a reference to Since You’ve Been Gone, my favorite of her books.

Morgan Matson’s new Firefly Summer has a reference to my favorite book Since You’ve Been Gone on page one!

Since You’ve Been Gone is one of those books I continually return to over the years. The theme of separation in friendship and the shift between attachment and love really speaks to me. The story begins with Emily waking up one day and finding that her best friend is gone. After two years of being joined at the hip with her, she has to learn how to flourish on her own. Eventually, the girls find each other again, but they’ve entered a new reality. They no longer live in the same city, and nothing will ever be how it was.

The first time I read the book I was uneasy with the ending. I didn’t want everything to be different. Even after a lifetime of experiencing moves and separations in my real life, or maybe because of these experiences, I refused to accept that separations could ever lead to anything good. That’s a dangerous thing to believe when separations are inevitable. At this time, I was in high school. That was going to end. And then, college would end. And after that, even if I stayed at the same job forever, other people could still leave.

The second time, I read the book, it was with grumpy acceptance. I guess they’re friendship is still good even if it’s now long-distance.

Now, after the end of college and the confused bundle of feelings and decision-making that they call “new adulthood,” I read the book and I find the ending beautiful.

Don’t you just love it when a book can grow up with you?

I chatted with Morgan Matson and got my copy of Since You’ve Been Gone signed!

I shared all this with Morgan Matson and she was the nicest, sweetest person. She recognized me from our small Instagram interaction where she had voted on my poll that yes, I should definitely come to the book launch. So, I sit at the airport armed with precious memories, two newly signed books, and a newfound determination to pursue writing seriously.

Morgan Matson voted that of course I should come to the book launch.

All in all, I’m so grateful to Morgan for not only writing my favorite book, but for being so welcoming. I look forward to all her upcoming books!

By the way, this spontaneous weekday trip to LA is possible because I freelance. So…if you happen to need a writer or editor, feel free to contact me through Upwork! I promise I’m really good at it!

Come back next week for my adventure hiking up to the Hollywood Sign! It’s actually kind of complicated to get there…

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