Australian Field Ecologist giving Two Thumbs Up

I Wear Too Many Metaphorical Hats and Not Enough Real Ones

Avian technician. Essay grader. Museum interpreter. Copyeditor. Writer–both fiction and non-fiction. Ecology researcher.

These are jobs I’ve had just this year, most of them simultaneously. I enjoy all of them, but I’m being pulled in all different directions. And I’ve run into an issue: I don’t know who I am or what I want to do with my life. Take a look at my posting activity for this blog:

Posting Activity for WordPress Blog. Many posts in January with less and less until April.

The first week of January I posted almost every day. But as time went on, I posted less and less until this month we’re left with three posts. My desire for this blog to succeed hasn’t diminished, but confusion quickly set in. Which hat do I wear on this blog?

The ecologist hat?

I wrote about cool birds I got to hold, like this post on Screech Owls.

The traveler hat?

I wrote about camping through Central Texas and about how I travelled for free all through college.

The fiction writer hat?

I shared a couple short stories, such as this dark fantasy about a man who hasn’t realized just how much he’s been transformed in his misguided attempt to save his family (read here).

The poet hat?

I shared a poem I’m especially proud: The Blue Butterfly.

The Catholic-Christian hat?

I shared an answered prayer in 2021.

These hats all belong to me, but who are my readers? What is the point? I’ve actually grown in subscribers to my surprise, so I’m asking you. What do you want to see from me? Which hat caught your attention? Or should I just write away until I somehow figure out what my angle is?

I’m writing, because sitting around waiting to figure it out on my own hasn’t worked so far…

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  1. I have been there Mariel. For me, pumping the brakes on adding labels and just being is the way to go. Letting go the hats to be present and to happy with that gave me peace of mind.



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