The Trueborn Mermaid Teaser

A new webnovel is coming your way!!!

The Trueborn Mermaid!

I’m transitioning it from a Webtoon (you can read it here) to a novel, because art is most definitely not my forte. Below is a teaser of the first chapter! Subscribe so you don’t miss the first full chapter!

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Sea goddess rises from the sea and sinks a fleet of ships

In my world, there is a story. Calypso! The brave, selfless one. The one who refused the order. The one who was awake enough to see a good heart and defiant enough to protect it. She took a stand.

That moment changed the sea forever. For the sea goddess cursed her. It was a curse too great to be borne by one alone. Thus, in her great benevolence, the sea goddess eased Calypso’s burden. The curse was distributed to all creatures of lungs and scales.

Calypso, hero to us all.

Of course, once I had considered it heroic. That one could be so strong as to stand against the sea goddess…That she could sacrifice everything for the sake of what was right…It was unheard of. I’d modeled my life after hers, waiting for the moment when I could take my stand.

Well, turns out sacrifice is overrated. Sure, the whales will sing of your bravery, of how you stood between the sea goddess and her next victim. But they won’t sing of the punishment that follows. They won’t sing of the prison walls, of the trampling of dignity, of the continuous vice grip around your neck. They won’t sing that it wasn’t worth it. After all, how would they know? They’re whales.

So, I will tell you.

I will warn you. Do not consider me a hero. Do not consider Calypso a hero. Consider us fools. Fools for having forgotten one, simple truth: there is no such thing as a good heart.

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