What am I doing with my life? The Confusion that is Post-College Life…

What am I doing with my life? This thought pops into my head at least three times a day.

The past couple months, as a result of boredom at work, I started a Youtube channel, poured money into this blog, and worked on this webcomic on-and-off (PS would you be interested in reading it as a serialized novel? It’s about mermaids). To what end?

I have no idea. That’s why I question my life choices every day. But apparently, no one knows what they’re doing with their life. In my case, as a recent college graduate, I’m facing more choices than I ever have before. There is no set path. No next step that everyone makes. So, I’m just taking this time to do what’s fun. We’ll see what sticks.

I’m enjoying life. If that’s not success, then what is?

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