View from a plane window. Airplane wing over a cover of clouds

More Tips on Free Travel…

Yesterday, I shared my 3 Secrets to Scoring Free Travel as an Undergrad.

Today, let me share some other blogs that give tips on traveling as a student…

Journey Wonder: 3 Ways to Travel for Free as a Student

Want more information on working as an Au Pair, studying abroad, or getting sponsored by NGOs? Check out Journey Wonder’s blog post.

Project Untethered: How to Travel After College with No Money (12 Clever Hacks)

Project Untethered provides 12 hacks for traveling on a budget, from getting a remote job to couchsurfing…The post also includes many helpful links! Check out the post.

Barefoot Nomad: 45 Great Jobs You can Do While Traveling the World and How to Get Them

Not only is 45 already a large list, but most of them provide helpful links to learn more information about a certain job. Check out the post.

And of course, don’t forget to check out my own blog post. These tips got me to Australia for free!

P.S. Once I was lost after dark in the Australian outback…these 3 things saved my life.

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