They say change…

They say change is beautiful.


They say change is growth.


They say change is necessary.



Change is the gold and red of autumn.

Sometimes autumn skips the colors and the leaves fall,


Change is the pink and orange of sunrise.

Every rising sun sets. Its pink and orange consumed,

Wiped from existence.


Change is the volcanoes that form islands; and the waves that wash them away.

Change is the caterpillar who loses its ability to crawl that it might be able to fly.

Change is the nice to meet you’s; change is the goodbye’s.

Change is what we fear; change is what we long for.

Like the sea, unbidden, unstoppable

Like the wind, unseen, unpredictable


He says change refines,

He says change liberates,

He says be not afraid.


Change is not a whim; it is His plan,

And He is trustworthy.

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