I’m Late, I’m Late–Bird!

Have you ever been hurrying home when you suddenly notice the hues of pink and orange swirling the clouds and you just had to stop?  Every thought vanishes from your mind and all you can think is wow. It’s beautiful, it’s majestic, it’s awe-inspiring.

Everyone has their own wow, the one thing that can stop us in our tracks and wipe everything from our winds. For some, it’s the delicateness of flower petals. For others, it’s the vastness of space, the elusiveness of that one trading card, even the structure of teeth!

For me, it’s birds. I experience my wow every single day. On the way to the bus stop, when a mockingbird hops a few feet of its perch, flashing white wing patches. When I’m trying to study and the chattering of wrens summons me to the window. When I’m on a hike and the churr of a woodpecker draws me to a halt, eyes to the trees.

It has become quite the occupational hazard. Let me explain:

1. The “wow” factor does NOT turn off when I’m late. I may have three minutes to get to class, but the scream of a blue jay will still freeze me in place.

2. Driving is painful. You mean to say it’s dangerous to take my eyes off the road to admire that crested caracara?

3. I WILL pick up a dead bird when I see one. Even if it’s ten minutes before English, when all my non-science major classmates will look at me with a mixture of horror and fascination.

4. Class outside is not at all conducive to learning. Unless class was being taught in Antarctica (in which case, the cold would take care of inhibiting learning), birds are everywhere. Hence, a complete lack of focus on my part.

But these are minor inconveniences when compared to the joy each glimpse of a bird brings.

What occupational hazards are brought about by your wow? I’m sure you agree, that every single one is worth it.

If you haven’ t found your wow, don’t despair. Keep your eyes peeled. You’ll know it when you find it. But when the occupational hazards come your way, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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