The Journey Begins

What have I done?

Head buried under the pillow. The events of the day rerunning in high definition. Music blaring in our headphones. Something we did, something we said…

An email I sent. “Hey, remember what you said about Jesus calling us out of our comfort zones? Yeah…I think he wants me to start a blog…”

A deep breath, a tap on that four lettered word, “send” and whoosh there it went. And wham there it came: regret. What. Have. I. Done?

Huh, maybe that wasn’t so bad, I feel…free.

What am I talking about??? I am never leaving this bed!

But why was it so terrifying? Why was it a secret in the first place?

Dreams. We all have them whether we know it or not. They’re ingrained in our beings, always boiling beneath our skin. Repressed, hidden sometimes even to ourselves. Joy the exception rather than the norm.

How do you picture your future?

This is how I pictured mine: Trendy sunglasses, designer purse, high heels. Strolling through LA, flawless hair bouncing over my shoulders, makeup on point–Hold up!

I want to be a scientist, trekking through the Amazon collecting samples. High heels would be a terrible idea!

I want to be a writer, fingers blurring over the keys in a small café.

And what’s this about makeup?

I don’t want the world’s “success.” I am different and in an email I had just admitted it. But isn’t everyone different?

Aren’t you different?

When was the last time you felt fully alive? The last time your skin tingled with excitement, the last time you couldn’t help but bounce on your toes? When was the last time you were so immersed you forgot about the pressures of the world, the bills, the homework?

The day I sent that email I was definitely not peaceful. Even as I wrote the email, I was plotting my move to the other side of the globe. The next day, my brain kicked into survival mode. All thoughts of the email and of my dreams were kicked into a corner as before. Eventually I forgot about the whole thing, until the sister I had confided in, came up and asked, “So, about your blog…”

And my brain screamed, She remembers??? I should have moved to Timbuktu.

But that one confession woke something deep within me. I could no longer repress my dreams. It was time to step out of my comfort zone. It was time to be fully alive. It was time to take off the mask and become my true self.

And it’s that time for you as well.

What’s your dream? The one thing you are terrified to admit, the one thought that sends you straight to Netflix? Put this article down and tell someone. When you say it, it becomes real. And when it becomes real, it becomes inevitable.

It will feel like standing naked in a roomful of models. Your only thought will be: What have I done?

You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone. You’ve thrown off the chains, thrust your fist through the world’s view of success. You’ve taken your life into your own hands and it feels fantastic.

Seriously, do it! Let’s to transform the world.

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